The Sanlahi Scholarship Fund

Our Mission Statement

  •     The Sanlahi Scholarship Fund is dedicated to help deserving citizens of the USA and/or the Philippines, who are continuing their education, achieve their career goals through a scholarship program.


  • The scholarship is awarded to a deserving student in the USA or the Philippines
  • The amount of the scholarship is at least $500.00 per academic year for 4-5 years.
  • The total amount of the scholarship is released to the scholar in four to five annual allocations of one-fourth or one-fifth of the total amount, respectively.
  • Beyond the first year of college education, each succeeding annual allocation is released upon completion of a satisfactory academic year with a 3.0 or equivalent GPA
  • Student must be a senior in a targeted high school at the time of application.
  • Student must have maintained at least 3.5 or equivalent GPA throughout his or her final two years in high school.
  • Student must be able to produce three references: one from a parent, one from a teacher, and one from a non-friend person who knows the applicant.
  • Student must attend college full-time.
  • Student must attend college the fall semester immediately following his or her high school graduation.
  • Student must have demonstrated a financial need for the scholarship funds.
  • Student must not be a member of Sanlahi, Inc. nor a child of a member.
  • Student must not be a significant donor of Sanlahi, Inc nor a child of a significant donor. Please refer to IRC 501(c)3 for the definition of a significant donor.
  • For more information please see our Sanlahi Scholarship Fund Mission Statement document in our download section


Evaluation Criteria for Awarding the Sanlahi, Inc. Scholarship

The Sanlahi Scholarship Award is given to a candidate who performs well academically AND who demonstrates need for the scholarship funds.   The scholarship is awarded based upon the following criteria:

academic performance
creativity, mission mindedness, or acts of kindness
heart for learning
activities and interests
financial need

As for your submission itself, we are also looking at your overall presentation. In this regard, we review and evaluate:

Your spelling
Your grammar
Your enthusiasm and your passion for your career
Your neatness

We evaluate your submission fully in all of these areas.

1. Academic Achievement/Performance: Submit your standardized test scores from the SAT, ACT, or other standardized test or other measures of your academic performance. We are particularly interested in your overall academic performance, however best measured.

2. Contribution to Society:

(1) Submit a list of your Extracurricular Activities. We are not looking for the number of activities, but the variety, balance, depth, and overall significance of these activities.

(2) Submit NO MORE THAN three (3) reference letters with NO MORE THAN 2 pages, single-spaced, 12 point type (may be less, such as double-spaced, etc.) from parents (who best know the applicant!), teachers, leaders in programs you’ve been involved in.  These letters must confirm your involvement in the activities you’ve listed and that, to the extent possible, attest to your unique contributions in these areas.


These letters ought not to be mere “character reference” letters. They should attest to specific contributions you have made, specific activities you have engaged in, specific achievements that have benefited you and the community you served.  In other words, these letters are primarily for the sake of acquiring outside confirmation that you have really done or achieved what you claim to have done or achieved in your scholarship application.

3. Future Plans: Submit a personal essay with NO MORE THAN 2 pages, single-spaced, 12 point type (may be less, such as double-spaced, etc.) along these lines:

           a. What I want to do with my life
           b. Why I want to go to college
           c. Why I want to go to the college chosen

4. Other Requirements:

a. Scholarship Photograph: Submit a photograph with your application (optional).

b. Assignment of Rights & Consent to Publish Scholarship Information: Sign and submit the Assignment of Rights and Consent to Publish Scholarship Information form included with the application. By signing this form, you give us the right to publish your photograph (if provided) and basic information regarding your past accomplishments and future plans in the event you are awarded the scholarship.

Deadline: For scholarships for the school year beginning in 2020,  All submissions listed above must be received by email at or by mail at 2665 Ranchwood Court, Melbourne, FL 32934 NO LATER THAN September 23, 2019. We will announce winners by September 27, 2019..

Questions: If you have any questions regarding your submission or criteria, please email


2019 Sanlahi Scholarship Application (docx)


2019 Sanlahi Scholarship Fund Mission Statement (docx)


2019 Sanlahi Scholarshp Criteria (docx)


Scholarship Recipients

2019 Winner

2019 Winner

2019 Winner


Congratulations to our most recent Scholarship Winner, Carson Chavez

2018 Winner

2019 Winner

2019 Winner


Briana Bellamy

4 year scholar

Astronaut High School

 Eastern Florida State College

Finance Major

2017 Winner

2019 Winner

2017 Winner


Victoria Pappaademetriou

4 year scholar

Palm Bay Magnet High School

University of South Florida

Premedical Services Major

2016 Winner

2016 Winner

2017 Winner


Devon Madden

4 year scholar

Bayside High School

Florida Institute of Technology

Aerospace Engineering Major

2015 Winner

2016 Winner

2015 Winner


Alexis Navarroza

4 year scholar

Melbourne High School

University of Florida

Biomedical Engineering Major

2014 Winner

2016 Winner

2015 Winner


Michael Dwayne Catacutan

4 year scholar

Melbourne High School

Finished Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy at the University of San Carlos, Philippines

Plans to attend Medical School

Philippine Scholarship Recipients

2018 Winner


Maria Rhea B. Luay

Pulo Ni Sara National High school

Cavite State University

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